“We’re cut off from the world, less and less now, but still. A lot of home done work. Crowds are tougher and smaller, so you gotta really commit.” – Ben Portnoy. While many of my Australian readers are already familiar with the brand of hard charging punk rock C.O.F.F.I.N create, I was pleasantly surprised to haveContinue reading “ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE WITH C.O.F.F.I.N (2022)”

Low Life Interview 2021

This interview is old. Sorry mate. What’s the best thing about being in a band from Australia? Cristian O’Sullivan: Personally, I feel there are possibly more cons than pros, but in saying that, even though Australia is quite big and spread out, there is a pretty small community of folk that put on shows, putContinue reading “Low Life Interview 2021”


Arak James released my favorite country album of 2020. Chances are you might have missed the limited pressing of Hack the Planet into World Pieces, but luckily for you the whole thing is on bandcamp. You may recognize James as an integral member of both Glue and Institute, and Hack the Planet is some ofContinue reading “ARAK JAMES INTERVIEW”


Ah yes, the mandatory year end list, and right on time at that. Below you’ll find my top releases of 2020 with absolutely no explanation given as to why. New interviews coming soon, cool? Yves Tumor – Heaven to a Tortured Mind Arak James – Hack the Planet into World Pieces Romero – Honey /Continue reading “CRUNCHY MAG 2020 TOP TEN”


The mere existence of Lavender Flu makes me feel like garage rock is back in the rightful hands of those who deserve the recognition, even if there’s little to be found in that department in 2020. 2018’s Mow the Glass was awesome. 2020’s Barbarian Dust is a masterclass. If we’re all alive in 2022, maybeContinue reading “LAVENDER FLU INTERVIEW”

Riley Gale Interview, 2014

Riley Gale from the band Power Trip was a larger than life figure in the underground music scene who passed away earlier this week. I called him up for an interview in 2014 and he obliged, answering my semi-loaded questions about hip hop and hardcore, questions I half knew the answer to already. Years laterContinue reading “Riley Gale Interview, 2014”